Academic writing Lab

This intensive course aims to improve and refine your academic writing skills by developing a well-structured essay, learning academic vocabulary and analyzing text examples. The course is specifically designed to diminish the “discomfort zone” of participants through repetition and review. Participants will also practise techniques and language to give their written style a more formal and academic tone. Emphasis is put on the following topics:

The different sections of academic papers and their purposes

The different stages of writing

Crediting sources, referencing, avoiding plagiarism

Language intricacies (what makes writing „academic“?)

Course instructor: Tamás Pekár

Course dates:

9 March 10-11:30

06 April 08:30-10:00

27 April  10-11.30

18 May 10.30-12.00

Course materials: handouts

Cost: 90,- (incl. handouts)

Veröffentlicht am: 21. November 2018