Workshop „Teaching in English“ Part 2

Teaching in English

This intensive course will provide the necessary vocabulary, phrases and skills to effectively use English as medium of instruction in the seminar room. Communication and interaction in the classroom enable you to improve speaking skills for your instruction in the seminar room.

Course content includes:

  • Presentations language for use in the classroom
  • Language needed for effective communication and interaction in the classroom enabling you to improve your speaking skills and therefore helping you to perform better in the seminar room.

This seminar offers a review of the first seminar (education terms, managing discussions, classroom communication) while focusing on the language of presenting in English. Participants will be given the opportunity to “brush up” their English language skills in a speaking-based seminar where fluency is the goal.


Target group: Teachers in Adult and Secondary education who would like to improve their teaching skills in English

Course instructor: Kelly James

Course dates: 15th Feb 2019 13.00-17.00 and 16th Feb 2019, 9.00-15.15

Course materials: handouts

Cost: 145,- (incl. handouts)
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