Language courses for companies

As business becomes more and more international, many companies are placing increasing emphasis on language skills. Our training courses for companies are customised to meet the specific requirements of the business. We aim to equip you or your employees with the necessary skills for confident and effective communication in a foreign language. Get in touch today to discuss how we can work together to design a tailor-made training solution for you.

The benefits of choosing the ILC

  • Individual needs analysis
  • Individually designed courses
  • In-company training or courses in an external environment
  • Flexible course times
  • Variety of course formats
  • Course content tailored to the needs of participants

Packages for companies

We offer a range of business English workshops focusing on specific skills as targeted training solutions.

The following workshops can be adapted to fit your company’s individual profile.

English for Negotiations and Meetings

Target group: participants with a good level of English who would like to communicate more confidently in negotiations and meetings.

Content and learning outcomes

  • Small talk with customers and other business partners before and after a meeting
  • Planning and preparing negotiations in an intercultural context
  • Negotiation phrases (formal and informal)
  • Practice in negotiating persuasively
  • Effective implementation of negotiating objectives
  • Strategic negotiating techniques

Presenting in English

Target group: participants with a good level of English who would like to communicate more confidently when giving presentations in a professional context.

Content and learning outcomes

  • Planning and preparing a presentation
  • Structuring a presentation
  • Phrases for referring to the structure of a presentation
  • Communicating professionally with your audience
  • Leading a discussion
  • Short practice presentations with trainer feedback

English for Project Managers

Target group: project managers with a good level of English who would like to communicate confidently and effectively when managing projects in English.

Content and learning outcomes

  • Small talk with business partners and customers
  • Project management terminology
  • Project presentations
  • Negotiations and meetings before, during and after a project
  • Communicating with other members of the project team

Office English for Receptionists, Assistants and Office Managers

Target group: receptionists, assistants and office managers who would like to improve their English-language communication skills for day-to-day situations at work.

Content and learning outcomes

  • Vocabulary for written and spoken communication in the office
  • Telephone phrases
  • Fixed formulations for professional e-mails
  • Spoken language for communicating with customers and visitors
  • Dealing with questions and complaints
  • Arranging appointments and meetings
  • Taking and leaving messages